Senior DevOps Engineer

Company Overview is MENA’s largest B2B marketplace delivering an exceptional experience to our customers and vendors. Founded in 2019 and backed by the Government of Dubai we are transforming the way business is conducted in MENA. With over one million SKUs across multiple categories ranging from office supplies, food and beverage, and consumer electronics. At Tradeling, we embrace the challenge to innovate on behalf of our customers and vendors connecting global and regional suppliers to MENA based demand. 

Company Values

As a member of our team, you will be expected to embody our values in your work and interactions 

  • People First - Leading with Empathy, Always Empowering, Consistently Appreciating. 

  • Diversity - Creating Inclusiveness, Always ensuring Fairness, Driving Collaboration. 

  • Integrity - Trusting in each other to do the right thing, Accountable in everything we do, Continuous in Transparency  

  • Excellence - Seeking continuous Development, Striving for Innovation, Operating with Agility. 

Customer Obsession - Understanding customer needs, Leading customers through Partnership, Creating Impact. 





Reports to

Tech Lead 

Position Overview

As a DevOps Engineer on our team, you’ll be working with everything from automation tools to monitoring solutions. We use many tools in our stack; including Kubernetes, Github, Jira, Docker, etc. You will participate in architectural and design discussions, along with efforts to avoid and reduce toil and provide scalable, reliable cloud infrastructure for the success of our customers and organization.


  • Develop and maintain scalable, automated build and deployment pipelines.

  • Implement and oversee continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD) practices.

  • Manage cloud-based infrastructure and orchestrate container deployments.

  • Monitor, troubleshoot, and resolve issues in our dev, test, and production environments.

  • Enhance system performance, including designing and deploying new infrastructure.

  • Develop and maintain documentation regarding configurations, operations, and troubleshooting procedures.

  • Participate in architecture and software development activities.

  • Implement robust security measures alongside the cybersecurity team.

  • Respond promptly to any issues to minimize disruptions to the production environment.

  • Regularly review and report on platform stability and performance metrics.

Requirements (Hard Skills)

  • Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science, Engineering or equivalent field. 

  • 5+ years in a DevOps experience 

  • 3+ years of experience on Kubernetes on scale 

  • Working knowledge of the SCM tools such as Ansible, Puppet, Chef, or Salt - Salt and/or Ansible preferred

  • Strong experience with Terraform

  • Experience with Linux and Kubernetes is a must 

  • Experience with managing and using automation systems and repository managers (Jenkins and GitHub actions) 

  • Experience with monitoring solutions ( like Prometheus or Datadog) 

  • Prior experience troubleshooting and debugging container issues at any level, including container networking 

  • Strong knowledge and understanding of microservices-based architectures 

  • Good understanding of networking including L2 and L3 concepts 

  • Strong scripting skills including the ability to write scripts from scratch using Python and/or Bash 

  • Can identify and mitigate reliability risks 

  • Experience with Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery models

Requirements (Soft Skills)

  • People First Approach 
  • Customer centric approach & market research 
  • Collaboration and team player 
  • Good communicator  

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